Current Projects


Towards a linguistic prehistory of eastern central South Asia (and beyond)

Peterson, John. 2017. "Fitting the pieces together. Towards a linguistic prehistory of eastern-central South Asia (and beyond)." Journal of South Asian Languages and Linguistics, 4(2). 211-257.

Peterson, John. 2017. "Jharkhand as a "linguistic area" - Language contact between Indo-Aryan and Munda in eastern-central South Asia." Raymond Hickey (ed.), The Cambridge Handbook of Areal Linguistics. [Cambridge Handbooks in Language and Linguistics.] Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 551-574.

Peterson, John. 2010. "Language contact in Jharkhand. Linguistic convergence between Munda and Indo-Aryan in eastern central India." Himalayan Linguistics 9.2: 56-86.



Identifying Intersections Between Prosody, Gesture, and Conversation

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Previous projects


  • "Literacy Acquisition in Schools in the Context of Migration and Multilingualism - A Comparative Study" (LAS), in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Michael Bommes (IMIS, Universität Osnabrück), Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mehlem (Universität Bielefeld, previously: Universität Osnabrück) and Prof. Dr. Christoph Schroeder (Universität Postdam, previously İstanbul Bilgi  University). 2007-2011.

    Team members in Germany: Dr. Anja Boneß (Universität Kiel), Dr. Inken Sürig (Universität Osnabrück), Dr. Yazgül Şimşek (Universität Potsdam), Helena Olfert, M.A. (Universität Duisburg)
    Funded by the VolkswagenFoundation