Conference contributions

Workshop 7: "Discovering (micro-)areal patterns in Eurasia"


51st annual conference of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE)


August 29 - September 1, 2018

Tallinn, Estonia


Björn Wiemer, Gilles Authier, John Peterson

Discovering (micro-)areal patterns in Eurasia - Introduction to the topic


Daven Hobbs

The Dative-Subject Construction Type as an Areal Feature of South Asia


Jessica Kantarovich

Evaluating ergative case as an areal feature of Chukotka


Martin Kümmel

Areal developments in the history of Iranian: West vs. East

Accompanying text


Henrik Liljegren

Micro-areality meets macro-areality in the Hindu Kush-Karakorum


Nataliia Neschcheret

Shared structural features in Transeurasian languages: borrowed or inherited?


Vladimir Panov

Defining the area of sentence-final particles in Asia


John Peterson & Jessica Ivani

Language contact in prehistoric South Asia, with special reference to eastern South Asia


Alexander Rostovtsev-Popiel

Redistribution of Evidential Functions in Kartvelian as a Result of Megrelian Influence


Martine Robeets

Stable structures of Transeurasian


Alexander Rusakov & Maria Morozova

Linguistic complexity and (micro-)areal history: the case of Albanian


Jesse Wichers Schreur & Gilles Authier

Language contact and emergence of preverbs and bi-partite stems in the Eastern Caucasus


Chinduang Yurayong

Areal patterns of topic marker in Northern Eurasia: demonstrative, possessive suffix and topic particle