Bibliography for seldom studied and endangered South Asian Languages

compiled by John Peterson 
Institute for Scandinavian Studies, Frisian and General Lingusitics,
Department of General Linguistics
University of Kiel, Germany
with the assistance of Christian Peters, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel,

previously with the assistance of Yingying Hong, Universität Osnabrück


This bibliography is intended to help researchers of seldom studied or endangered South Asian languages in locating literature on these languages. It is also intended to be a means of letting other researchers know of new work in the field which may be of interest to them. “South Asia” here includes India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Tibet.

The main emphasis here is on recent linguistic works which may not yet be known to the larger academic community, although many older standard works have also been included as well as related non-linguistic material, where this is available.

Unforunately, works on better studied languages such as Hindi/Urdu, Gujarati, Bengali, Kashmiri, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada are not included in the present bibliography, as this would require a huge increase in the amount of time I spend updating this bibliography, time which I simply do not have. However, due to my own research interests, Nepali has been included and works on tribal languages in general, even if these are neither endangered nor seldom studied (e.g. Santali) have been included.

The bibliography is not complete for the languages listed. It is merely a collection of titles in these areas which have come to my attention. It is, however, constantly being updated, so corrections, suggestions and above all ADDITIONAL TITLES ARE MOST WELCOME AT ALL TIMES.

I hope that you find this bibliography useful to you in your research. If so, please share your information with others! Are your works missing here or are you aware of others’ works which you don’t find here? Then - let me know! I’ll include them in the bibliography as soon as possible!

And finally: Many thanks to all who have contributed to this website in one way or another, often sending very detailed information on relevant publications:

Anvita Abbi
Gregory D.S. Anderson
Willem van Baalen
Joan Baart
Norman G. Barrier
Elena Bashir
Peri Bhaskararao
Balthasar Bickel
Roland Bielmeier
Juliane Böttger
Dörte Borchers
Horst Brinkhaus
Michael Bunk

Ilija Čašule
Shobhana Chelliah
Gail Coelho
Alec Coupe
Anne Daladier
Uta Daniel
Swintha Danielsen
Jeremy Drake
Andrea Drocco
Eial Dujovny
Karen Ebert
Igor Fortuna
Jim Gair
Arun Kumar Ghosh
Nancy Grant
Arlo Griffiths
Karl-Heinz Grüßner
Jacques Guillaume
Lakhan Gusain
R.C. Hansdah
Kristine Hildebrandt
Nathan Hill
Peter Hook
Brigitte Huber

Hussain Ahmad Khan
Masato Kobayashi
Linas Kondratas
Agnes Korn
Daniel Krasa
Sylvanus Lamare
Henrik Liljegren

Shakuntala Mahanta
Stephen Matthews
Martine Mazaudon
Rodney Moag
Rajat Kumar Mohanty
Stephen Morey
Tapas Mukherjee
Michael Noonan
Sebastian Nordhoff
Rebecca Norman
Tatiana Oranskaia
Toshiki Osada
Sundri Parchani
Manideepa Patnaik
Netra Paudyal
Jan Heegård Petersen
Heleen Plaisier
Salonee Priya
Ram Ramaswamy
B.K. Rana
Kavita Rastogi
Khawaja A. Rehman
Jean Robert
Taylor Roberts
Kalyanamalini Sahoo
Priyankoo Sarmah
Anju Saxena
Diana Schackow
Harold Schiffman
Ruth Laila Schmidt
Kalyani Shabadi
Anil Kumar Singh
Udaya Narayana Singh 
Benjamin Slade
Kamal Sridhar
David Stampe
Richard Strand
Sundeep Prakashan
Tan Chye Hin
Vandana Tete
Sueyoshi Toba
Sijmon Tol
Gerard Tolsma
Kamal Tuladhar
Ian Tupper
Mark Turin
Inam Ullah 
Mahendra Verma
Matthias Weinreich

Wojciech Zeyland
Norman H. Zide
Claus Peter Zoller

Last updated: March 9, 2018