Interesting Links

Bibliographic aids

Bibliographie Linguistique / Linguistic Bibliography Online

Fachinformationsführer zu süd- und südostasiatischen Sprachen und Kulturen (Universität Göttingen, Deutsch)

INTUTE - a free online service providing resources for education and research, created by a network of UK universities and partners

Bibliography from Language and Society in South Asia (Shapiro and Schiffman, 1981)

Lakhan Gusain’s Rajasthani Bibliography

Language in Sri Lanka

Nathan Hill’s Research on Tibetan Languages: A Bibliography

Resources for the Study of South and Southeast Asian Languages and Cultures (University of Göttingen, English)

Savifa (Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Südasien, Deutsch)

Savifa (Virtual Library South Asia, English)



Bodding’s Santali Dictionary Search

Digital Dictionaries of South Asia

Newari Lexicon based on the Amarakosa

Wörterbuch Deutsch-Khasi / Khasi-Deutsch


Other interesting links

Vanishing Voices of the Great Anadmanese (VOGA)

Digital Himalaya

European Association for South Asian Studies

Ethnologue - Languages of the world

Framework for Learning and Understnding Santali in Ol Chiki Script

Himalayan Languages Project


Learn Indian Languages

Toshiki Osada’s Munda Site

Michael Noonan’s Homepage

Harold Schiffman’s Homepage

SEALANG - the Southeast Asian Languages discussion group


Computational Linguistics

Gérard Huet’s Sanskrit Heritage Site, with an interactive Sanskrit-English dictionary, lots of interesting links, and much more!

Anil Kumar Singh’s Homepage

Technology Development for Indian Languages