Getting to Kiel



Getting to Kiel by plane or by train


Kiel is close to two major airports: Copenhagen (Kastrup, CPH) in the north and Hamburg (HAM) in the south. If you travel by plane, Hamburg Aiport is probably the best choice: Via Hamburg Airport (also known as Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel Airport). Visit the Airport website.

  • The airport is located ca. 8 km north of Hamburg city centre. HVV, i.e. the Hamburg public transit network, runs the S-Bahn-line (suburban railway) S1, which links the airport directly to the city centre every ten minutes. The trip to Hamburg Central Station takes approximately 25 minutes. (You can buy a combined ticket for the S-Bahn ride to the Central Station and the train ride to Kiel. See further details below.)

  • A direct train connection from Hamburg Central Station to Kiel Central Station is served twice per hour. Tickets are availabale at the DB Service Stores (Deutsche
    Bahn – the German national railway company) at the station or can be booked online (credit card needed) on the DB website. (Choose your language at the top of the page.) You may also use the Airport Website to book a combined ticket (S-Bahn + train).

  • The airport is also linked by a local bus route to Kiel called Kielius. The Kielius departs at least once per hour (typically five past every hour) directly in front of Terminal 1 (where most workshop participants will arrive). The bus trip takes about 1 hour. Visit the Kielius website for further information on departure times and ticket prices. A return tickets for adults airport-Kiel-airport is 32,- Euros. If you do not want to make a quick side-trip to Hamburg, we recommend taking the Kielius as it is the cheapest, most convenient and shortest option to get to Kiel and back.


DB (“Deutsche Bahn”) is the German national railway company. If you travel by train, buy your ticket to Kiel Central Station on the DB website. (Choose your language at the top of the page.)


Moving around in Kiel


The KVG (“Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft”) is the local bus company. Visit their website for time tables and price lists. Or use their route planner on the right-hand side of the page.

Click here for a complete overview of all bus lines, railway lines and ferry lines in Kiel.

The bus lines that connect the university with the city centre are 6, 60S, 61, 62, and 81. Please click here for a pdf summary of the most relevant timetables.


There are two greater Taxi companies in Kiel.

  • Vineta Taxi
    (Tel. +49431 / 770 70)

  • Taxi Kiel
    (Tel. +49431 / 680 101)


Getting around by taxi can be both expensive and complicated. You should be prepared to spend about 2-3,- Euro/km (plus a service charge of about 3-4,- Euro). Moreover, since there are a number of taxi ranks in the city centre, using hand signals to hail a taxi usually does not work. Therefore, we recommend to take a bus or to walk, since Kiel is not very large and most destinations (except for the university campus / workshop venue) are within walking distance.