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ISFAS - Abteilung Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft
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Curriculum Vitae

Ulrike Mosel is a Professor emerita of the University Kiel where she was the head of the
former Department of Allgemeine und Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft from 1995-



1983 Habilitation (2nd PhD) in Munich in Linguistics with a dissertation on the Tolai
language of Papua New Guinea, Tolai syntax and its historical development, published

1974 PhD in Munich in Semitic Languages with a dissertation on the syntactic terminology in
Sibawaih’s Al-Kitāb, Die syntaktische Terminologie bei Sibawaih, published 1975.

1966 Abitur (highschool exam), including Latinum, Graecum, Hebraicum


Employment and research

1995-2011 Professor and head of Department at the Institut für Allgemeine und
Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft (now Linguistik und Phonetik at ISFAS)

1992-1995 Senior lecturer, Dept. of Linguistics, Arts Faculty, Australian National University

1991-1992 Lecturer, Dept. of Linguistics, Arts Faculty, Australian National University

1990-1991 Senior tutor, Dept. of Linguistics, Arts Faculty, Australian National University

1984-1989 Heisenberg Grant, University of Cologne

1980-1984 Research fellow at Prof. H. Seiler’s project on Language Universals and
Linguistic Typology, University of Cologne

1977-1979 Research fellow at Prof. H.-J. Sasse’s project on Language Change and Language
Mixing, University of Munich

1974- 1977 Assistant professor at the Dept. of Allgemeine und Indogermanische
Sprachwissenschaft, University of Munich


Other research activities

2014 together with Barbara Stiebels an Martin Haspelmath initiator of the Dictionaria
Project, University of Leipzig, funded by the German Research Society.

1999 together with Christian Lehmann, Hans-Jürgen Sasse und Jan Wirrer initiator of the
documentation of endangered languages project (DoBeS) funded by the Volkswagen
Foundation, Germany.

1997-2000 Consultant for the Western Samoan Education Materials Project- a Development
Cooperation Project between the Governments of Australia and Western Samoa, funded by
the Australian Agency for International Development, managed by Macquarie Research
Ltd, Sydney

1997 consultant of the Samoan Monolingual Dictionary project at the Ministry of Youth,
Sports and Culture, funded by the Australian South Pacific Culture Fund


1. Books and major on-line publications
2. Articles
3. Teop and Samoan books

Books and major on-line publications

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Accessed on 2020-05-10.)

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Teop and Samoan Books

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eds.) Amaa moon bara otei vaa Teapu - The Life and Work of Teop Women and Men.
Kiel: Isfas, Kiel University, https://www.isfas.uni-

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