Accomodation facilities in Kiel




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Please note: If the hotel that you would like to book is already booked out or only available at much higher rates than those estimated below, please contact Oliver Niebuhr, since the University of Kiel has a special contingent of rooms in these hotels and may even be able to get them with a small discount.


Hotel Berliner Hof ***

 Ringstr. 6, 24103 Kiel

Single room: 70,- € p.N. (incl. breakfast buffet)

! Located right at the main station in the city centre.


Intercity Hotel Kiel ***

Kaistr. 54 – 56, 24114 Kiel

Single room: 72,-€ p.N. (incl. breakfast buffet)

! Located right at the main station in the city centre.


VCH Hotel am Segelhafen ***

Schönberger Str. 32 – 34, 24148 Kiel

Single room: 56,- € p.N. (incl. breakfast)

! Located in the north-east of Kiel but with good bus connections (lines 11 and 60S)


GHOTEL Kiel ***

Eckernförder Str.213-215, 24119 Kiel

Single room: 65,- € p.N. (incl. breakfast buffet)


  Nordic Hotel Astor ***

Holstenplatz 1-2, 24103 Kiel

Single room: 64,- € p.N. (incl. breakfast buffet)

! Located in the city centre


Comfort Hotel Tom Kyle ***

Langer Segen 5a, 24105 Kiel

Single room: 80,- € p.N. (incl. breakfast buffet)

! It is close to the city centre and has a good bus connection to the university / workshop venue (bus line 61/62)


Other facilities


City Hostel Kiel

Kleiner Kuhberg 32, 24103 Kiel

Single room: 25,- € p.N.

! Located right in the city centre.


Peanuts Hostel Kiel

Harriesstr. 2, 24114 Kiel

Single room: 28,- € p.N. (incl. bed-linen, coffee, tea and peanuts)

! Something special. Visit their website and You’ll get an idea.