Hotels in Kiel

Kiel, being a transportation hub between Germany, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries offers a very large number of hotels in all price and quality categories. Two hotels which we have often worked with are the following (although we of course cannot guarantee for their services):


Berliner Hof - right in the center of town, only one minute's walk from the main train station. Although this hotel is about 20 minutes from the University by bus, the hotel price includes free use of all local busses in Kiel.
(CAUTION: For some reason, when you click this link for the first time, the English-language page appears and then switches to German! Just close the page, come back to this page, click the link again, and everything should be fine!)


Ghotel - 10 minutes' walking distance from the University, unfortunately not easily reached by bus, so you will probably need a taxi to and from the train station.


And of course, the usual search engines for hotels will find many other offers in all price categories, such as trivago,,,, and many others (we do not recommend any particular search engine!).


While the tourist season in Kiel is generally over by early September, hotels in the city tend to be well-booked year-round due to Kiel's status as a transit city (several ferries travel between Kiel and the Scandinavian and Baltic countries), so that you are advised to book early in advance.

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