Practical information

Restaurants in Kiel near the venue:


The venue is located right at the beginning of the main campus, at the intersection of Westring (one of Kiel's main roads) and Olshausenstraße. There are a number of good and reasonably priced places to eat and get coffee and tea very near to the venue. Here are some:


Jack's Kitchen (Westring 399) - Good food at a reasonable price, and the closest restaurant to the venue. When you leave the venue, Jack's kitchen is right across the street from you, straight ahead, first restaurant in the line of stores and restaurants. A favorite among the faculy!

Campus Suite (Westring 389) - same direction but a little further - last restaurant in the line of restaurants and stores. A favorite among students - kind of like a North German version of Starbucks.

There is also a very small coffee and snack shop right in the entrance to the main university, just 50 m from the venue, at the corner of Rudolf-Höber-Straße and Olshausenstraße. Unfortunately, it is only open Mondays-Fridays.

Grünfutter (Beselerallee 69) - for those who just can't get enough salad. When you leave the venue, turn left, cross the Westring and another 150m on the same side of the street, just past the gas / petrol station.

Burger Bank (Holtenauerstr. 113): At the intersection with the gas/petrol station just mentioned for Grünfutter (above), i.e., Knooperweg and Olshausenstr.,  turn left - this restaurant is about 50 meters further, on your left.


Haven't found what you're looking for? There are literally hundreds of bakeries, restaurants, snack bars and grocery shops in the Holtenauer Straße, just about 1 km from the venue. To get there: when you leave the venue, cross Westring and keep going straight. It is the third traffic light, to the left and right (just past the gas/petro station).


There is also a very small grocery shop right next to Jack's Kitchen (see above)!