The workshop will take place in Room 13 of the building located at Olshausenstrasse 40 (official address: OS40 - R.13), which is located right on the corner of the two main roads Olshausenstrasse and Westring. You can find the map here. The building is on the lower right-hand side of the map. An "H" in a circle signals a bus stop ("H" for "Haltestelle" - 'bus stop').

When you enter the building on the corner, go straight through the second set of glass doors and the room will be straight in front of you (about 10m / 12 yards) on your left-hand side, ground floor.

The bus stops, which can be reached by all busses serving the university, are either "Universität" or "Universität/Westring", depending on which bus you come with.

A map of the bus system in Kiel can be found here. The bus stops "Universität" and "Universität/Westring" are in the central-upper, left-hand side of the map, below and slightly to the right of the word "Kanal" in the "Nord-Ostsee-Kanal" (the North Sea - Baltic Sea Canal). As you can see, they are serviced by a very large number of busses coming from the city center.

The venue is conveniently located near a number of popular and relatively inexpensive restaurants, where the participants can get lunch. (See "Practical information")