Dr. des. Netra Paudyal

Post Doctoral Research Fellow (Humboldt Foundation, Germany)




Research interests
  • Syntax, morphology
  • language documentation & description
  • descriptive linguistics
  • language typology
  • sociolinguistics/~ language contact
  • languages of South Asia/~ Indo-Aryan and Tibeto-Burman languages


For downloadable articles and research works: https://uni-kiel.academia.edu/NetraPrasadPaudyal


Academic Qualification

* Pre-PhD courses have been completed from the University of Leipzig and the Max Planck institute Leipzig.

Work experience


Linguistic Fieldwork


Distinguished Awards, Scholarships and Research grants

- Humboldt Post Doctoral Research Award, Humboldt Foundation, Germany

DAAD's Young Scientists Research Grants for PhD research 2007–2012, DAAD, Germany

- Full Bursary to attend an Advanced level Summer School on Corpus phonology, 18–23rd, August, 2008: Organized by European Corpus Phonology group, at University of Augsburg, Germany

- Scholarship to attend the workshop on Language Documentation and Linguistic
Typology and ALT-7 Conference 24–28 September, Paris, France, 2007

- Mahendrā vidyābhusana suvarna padaka from his Majesty the King of Nepal: 2004 (a Gold Medal awarded to a student each year who secures the Highest GPA in M. A. exclusively in the field of Linguistics)

- Rām Bikram Shāntā Sijāpati Gold Medal, University Award 2004, Tribhuvan University, Nepal (a gold medal awarded to the student who secures the highest score in M. A. final Examination)

- DoBeS International Summer School Fellowship, Frankfurt (01–11, September) 2004

- Campus top Award 2000, Saptagandaki Multiple Campus, Bharatpur, Chitwan

Languages Studied (Researched on)

Darai (Indo-European ~ (Eastern) Indo-Aryan)
Chintang (Sino-Tibetan, Tibeto-Burman ~ Kiranti)
Nepali (Indo-European ~ Indo-Aryan)


Research Publications

1. Publications with peer review process

a.    Paudyal, N. P. (2013): Issues of V-V compounds in Chintang. Nepalese Linguistics. Vol. 28.

b.    Gaenszle, M.; Rai, Ichchha P.; Pettigrew, J.; Rai, M.; Bickel, B.; G., Banjade; T. N., Bhatta; Paudyal, N.P.; and Stoll, S. (2013). Resisting the State in Nepal: The Chintang Incident' of 1979 and the politics of Commemoration. In Marie Lecomte-Tilouine edited Revolution in Nepal: An Anthropological and Historical Approach to the People’s war. Oxford University Press, 97-113.

c.    Paudyal, N. P. (2011): Nominalization in Chintang. Nepalese Linguistics. Vol. 26., 116–129.

d.    Paudyal, N. P., Bickel, B., Schikowski, R., Stoll, S., Lieven, E., Banjade, G., Rai, I. P., Rai, M. Gaenszle, M., Rai, N. K., Bhatta, T. N. (2010): Non-finite adverbial subordination in Chintang, Nepalese Linguistics. Vol. 25, 121–132.

e.    Bickel, B., M. Rai, N. P. Paudyal, G. Banjade, T. N. Bhatta, M. Gaenszle, E. Lieven, I. P. Rai, N. K. Rai, & S. Stoll. (2010): Ditransitives and three-argument verbs in Chintang and Belhare (Southeastern Kiranti). In Malchukov, A., M. Haspelmath, & B. Comrie (eds.) Studies in ditransitive constructions. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 382–408.

f.    Paudyal, N. P. (2009): Syntactic Alignments in Nepali. Nepalese Linguistics. Vol. 24, 201–212.

g.     Rai, I. P., B. Bickel, E. Lieven, G. Banjade, M. Gaenszle, M. Rai, N. P. Paudyal, N. K. Rai, S. Stoll, & T. N. Bhatta, (2009). Mundum: A Case Study of Chintang Ritual Language. In Mukherjee, R. & M. N. Rajesh (eds.) Locality, history, memory: the making of the citizen in South Asia, 20 – 33. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

h.    Paudyal, N. P. (2008):  Agreement patterns in Darai: typological study. Nepalese Linguistics, Vol. 23, 186–207.
i.    Bickel B., Banjade G., Gaenszle M., Lieven E., Paudyal N. P., Rai I., Rai M., Rai N. K., Stoll S. (2007): Free prefix ordering in Chintang. Language. Vol. 83, 44–73.

j.    Gaenszle M., Bickel B., Banjade G., Lieven E., Paudyal N. P, Rai I., P., Rai N. K. (2005): Research Report: the Chintang and Puma Documentation Project  (CPDP). European Bulletin of Himalayan Research. Vol. 28, 95–103.

k.    Rai N. K. , Bickel B., Gaenszle M., Banjade G., Lieven E., Paudyal N. P., Rai I., Rai M., Stoll S. (2005): Triplication and ideophones in Chintang. In: Yadava, Y. P. [ed.] Contemporary issues in Nepalese linguistics. Kathmandu: Linguistic Society of     Nepal. Nepalese Linguistics, 205–210.

l.    Gaenszle M., Bickel B., Banjade G., Lieven E., Paudyal N. P., Rai I., Rai M., Rai N. K., Stoll S. (2005): Worshipping the King God: A preliminary analysis of Chintang ritual language in the invocation of Rajdeu. In: Yadava, Y. P. [ed.] Contemporary issues in Nepalese linguistics. Kathmandu: Linguistic Society of Nepal, 33–47.

2. Published manuscript without peer review process

a.    Rai, N.K., M. Rai, N.P. Paudyal, R. Schikowski, B. Bickel, S. Stoll, & M. Gaenszle. 2011. Chintāṅ śabdakoś tathā vyākaraṇ [Chintang dictionary and grammar]. Kathmandu: Chintang Language Research Programme. 340 pp.

3. Submitted publication with peer review process

    a.     Schikowski, R., B. Bickel & N. P. Paudyal, in press. Flexible valency in Chintang. In Comrie, B. & A. Malchukov (eds.) Valency classes: a comparative handbook. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.


4. Unpublished manuscripts
a.    Paudyal, N. P. (2013): Aspects of Chintang Syntax. PhD Dissertation, University of Zurich, Switzerland.

b.    Paudyal N. P. (2009): The Syntax of three-argument verbs in Nepali. An article submitted to the Max Planck Institute, Leipzig (as a Leistungscheine, note: sehr gut).

c.    Paudyal, N. P. (2009): Linguistic research with modern tools, an article submitted to the department of linguistics, University of Oslo. 2009. (Earned 5 ECTS points).

d.    Paudyal, N. P. (2003): A Sketch of Darai Grammar, M.A. Dissertation, Central Department of Linguistics, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu.

5. Selected Linguistic articles published in Daily and Weekly newspapers

a.    Paudyal, N.P.  Kabir bangsa Dharma ra utpatti: Ek parichaya'Origin of Kabir Religion: An Introduction', (16th Dec, 2004) Janbiswas Weekly, Dhankuta.

b.    Paudyal, N. P. & N. K. Rai. (24th Dec, 2004): Endangered Languages: The Kathmandu Post

c.    Paudyal, N. P. and M. Gaenszle Aba  Wadhangmi Bishow bhari 'Wadhangmi Worldwide', (30th Dec, 2004) Janbiswas Weekly, Dhankuta.

d.    Paudyal, N. P. and N. K. Rai Bhasa Adhayanma Naya Ayam: Chintang Puma, 'New Dimension in Language Study: Chintang and Puma', (13th Jan, 2005)  Janbiswas Weekly, Dhankuta.

e.    Paudyal, N.P. Chintang Bhasa: Ek parichaya'Chintang Language: An Introduction', (27th Jan, 2005) Janbiswas Weekly, Dhankuta.

f.    Paudyal, N. P. (14th April, 2004): Chintāng bhāsāko kriyāko rup vigyān [The verb
    morphology of the Chintang language], Janbiswas Weekly, Dhankutā.   

g.    Paudyal, N. P. Vasa, saskriti ra bhugol, Language, Culture and Geography (28th April, 2005) Janbiswas Weekly, Dhankuta.

h.    Paudyal, N. P. (11th August, 2005): Shawatantra upsargaharu: bhāsāko anautho bisestā [Free pre-fixation: an unique feature of Chintang], Janbiswas Weekly, Dhankutā.

i.    Paudyal, N. P. Vasa marne prakriya, The process of Language Death (21st July, 2005) Janbiswas Weekly, Dhankuta.

j.    Paudyal, N. P. Kirati Vasama bhaeko euta mahatopurna bisesta, An important Charactristice of Kirati language (4th July, 2005) Janbiswas Weekly, Dhankuta.

k.    Paudyal, N. P. Vasa premi Chintangeharu, Chintang People- Language Lover (25 August, 2005) Janbiswas Weekly, Dhankuta.

l.    Paudyal, N. P. and N. K. Rai. (1st September, 2005): Mātri Bhāsāmā Shikchā kin [Why Education in mother tongue?], Janbiswas Weekly, Dhankutā.

m. Paudyal, N. P. Chintang Vasaka khaptiyeka kriyaharu, Bipartite verb stems of the Chintang language (22nd September, 2005) Janbiswas Weekly, Dhankuta.

6. Translation

The Magic Gourd’, an English novel translated into Nepali (जादुको लौका),
Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Govinda Raj Bhattarai, Tribhuvan University (2003).

7. Linguistic corpora and dictionary: Electronic Database, archived in DoBeS Archive .

a.    Rai, M., G. Banjade, T. N. Bhatta, M. Gaenszle, E. Lieven, N. P. Paudyal, N. K. Rai, I. P. Rai, S. Stoll, & B. Bickel. 2009. Chintang dictionary (ca. 7,000 entries, Nepali and English glosses, Nepali explanations, examples, grammatical information).

b.    Bickel, B., Banjade, G., Bhatta, T. N., Gaenszle, M. Lieven, E. Paudyal, N. P., Rai, M, Rai, N. K., Rai, I. P., Stoll, S. 2009. Audiovisual Chintang corpus (ca. 150,000 words transcribed and translated, of which ca. 65'00 glossed and translated, plus paradigm sets and grammar sketches, ethnographic descriptions, photographs).

c.    Stoll, S., Bickel, B., Lieven, E., B., Banjade, G., Bhatta, T. N., Gaenszle, M. Paudyal, N. P., Rai, M, Rai, N. K., Rai, I. P. 2009. Audiovisual corpus on the acquisition of Chintang by 6 children (ca. 300,000 words transcribed and translated, of which ca. 200'000 glossed).

8. Research Projects

2013 - 2015 Grammar and Syntax of an Indo-Aryan language: a corpus based research. Principal investigator. Financed by the Humboldt Foundation, Germany

2008 - 2012 Aspects of Chintang Syntax. PhD project. Financed by the DAAD foundation Germany

2004 - 2008 Chintang and Puma documentation project. Research Assistant, (principal investigator Prof. Dr. Balthasar Bickel), University of Zurich. Financed by the Volkswagen foundation, Germany

To download some of my articles and research works: https://uni-kiel.academia.edu/NetraPrasadPaudyal