Prof. Dr. Margaret Zellers

Juniorprofessur Phonologie und Phonetik

Telefon: +49 431 880 3314

Leibnizstraße 10, R.426

Sprechstunde im Sommersemester 2018:

Mi 14-15



Prof. Dr. Margaret Zellers
Institute for Scandinavian Studies, Frisian and General Linguistics
Department of General Linguistics
Christian-Albrechts-Universität  zu Kiel
Olshausenstraße 40
D-24098 Kiel

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Prosody; perception; conversational speech; turn-taking; second-language phonetics/phonology; topic structure


Work Experience

Sept 2017- present

Junior Professor in Phonetics and Phonology
Institut für Skandinavistik, Frisistik und Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft,
Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany

Sept 2015- Aug 2017

Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Linguistics: English, Universität Stuttgart, Germany
SFB 732: Incremental Specification in Context, project A7: Cross-linguistic interactions in second-language prosody

Jan 2013- Dec 2014

Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Speech, Music & Hearing, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, Stockholm, Sweden
Perception of Prosody in Linguistic Contexts (VR-435-2011-6871)

May-Dec 2012

ESRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Department of Language and Linguistic Science, University of York, UK
Multiple-methods approaches to discourse topic structure (ES/J005711/1)

Sept 2007-Sept 2010

Early Stage Researcher, MCRTN Sound to Sense
Research Centre for English & Applied Linguistics, University of Cambridge, UK




PhD, Prosodic Detail and Topic Structure in Discourse
Clare College, University of Cambridge
Supervisor: Dr. Brechtje Post


MPhil, English and Applied Linguistics
Clare College, University of Cambridge


BA, Linguistics
Georgetown University (Washington, DC, USA)



Peer-reviewed articles

Zellers, M. & Schweitzer, A. (accepted) Exploring prosodic and conversational context factors in pitch perception. To appear in Proceedings of 9th Speech Prosody, Poznán, Poland.

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Zellers, M., Post, B. & D'Imperio, M. (2009) Modelling the intonation of topic structure: two approaches. In Proceedings of 10th Interspeech, Brighton, UK.


Peer-reviewed book chapters

Zellers, M., Schuppler, B., & Clayards, M. (to appear) Introduction, or: why rethink reduction? In Cangemi, F., Clayards, M., Niebuhr, O., Schuppler, B., & Zellers, M. (eds.) Rethinking Reduction: Interdisciplinary perspectives on conditions, mechanisms, and domains for phonetic variation.

Niebuhr, O. & Zellers, M. (2012) Late pitch accents in hat and dip intonation patterns. In Niebuhr, O. & Pfitzinger, H.R. (eds.) Prosodies: Context, Function, and Communication. Berlin/New York: de Gruyter.


Edited volumes

Cangemi, F., Clayards, M., Niebuhr, O., Schuppler, B. & Zellers, M. (eds.) (to appear) Rethinking Reduction: Interdisciplinary perspectives on conditions, mechanisms, and domains for phonetic variation. De Gruyter.

Hilton, N., Arscott, R., Barden, K., Krishna, A., Shah, S. & Zellers, M. (eds.) (2007) Proceedings of CamLing 2007. Cambridge Institute of Language Research, Cambridge, UK.


Other publications

Hjalmarsson, A. & Zellers, M. (2015) Spot the difference – a dialog system to explore turn-taking in an interactive setting. In SEMDIAL 2015 goDial, pp. 178-179.

Zellers, M. (2014) Duration and pitch in perception of turn transition by Swedish and English listeners. In Heldner, M. (ed.), Proceedings of FONETIK 2014, Stockholm, Sweden, 9-11 June 2014.

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