Curriculum Vitae

Personal data


2.8.46 born in Germany, 1990 widowed. 1 daughter born in 1981.




1966  Abitur (highschool exam), Latinum, Graecum, Hebraicum
19.12.74 PhD in Munich in Semitic Languages, Assyriology and Linguistics (Prof. Dr. Anton Spitaler, Prof. Dr. D. O. Edzard, Prof. Dr. Meinrad Scheller) with a Dissertation on Arabic Grammar ('Die syntaktische Terminologie bei Sibawaih')
7.7.83 Habilitation (second PhD) in Munich in Linguistics with a dissertation on the Tolai language of Papua New Guinea ('Tolai syntax and its historical development')




1.9.74-31.7.77 assistant professor, Institut für Allgemeine und Indogermanische Sprachwissenschaft, Munich. 
1.9.77-30.11.77 research assistant at the Reallexikon der Assyriologie, Prof. Dr. D.O. Edzard, University of Munich) 
1.12.77-30.11.79 research fellow at the German Research Society project 'Sprachwandel und Sprachmischung', Prof. Dr. H. Sasse, University of Munich. 
1.3.80-31.3.84 research fellow at the German Research Society project 'Sprachliche Universalien Forschung und Typologie', University of Cologne, Prof. Dr. H. Seiler 
1.1.90 - 30.6.91 Senior tutor, Dept. of Linguistics, Arts Faculty, Australian National University
1.7.91 - 30.6.92 Lecturer, Dept. of Linguistics, Arts Faculty, Australian National University 
1.7.92 - 31.1.95 Senior lecturer, Dept. of Linguistics, Arts Faculty, Australian National University 
since 1.3.95 Professor of Linguistics, Head of Department, Seminar für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft, Christian Albrechts Universität, Kiel 


Grants and Awards

Grants from the German Research Society (excluding grants for travel)


1.5.84 - 31.10.89 Heisenberg Research Grant from the German Research Society, mainly working on the Samoan Reference Grammar, including three travel grants to Samoa, Australia and New Zealand (see below)
1995 'Formale und funktionale Zusammenhänge zwischen Morphologischen Kategoriensymbolisierungen bei Nomina und Verben', full time position for the research fellow Dr. Arnim Bassarack, part time research assistant position for Claudia Kuzla (Mo 728/1-1) 
Mar. 1999 - Feb. 2001 'Grammatical relations in Kurdish', full time position for the research fellow Dr. Geoffrey Haig (Mo 728/2-1, Mo 728/2-2) (193.736,- DM)
May 2000  First International Workshop on Kurdish Linguistics (4850/85/00) (8.060,- DM)

Jan. 2003 -

May 2004 

Kommunikationsraum Werft (EI 217/10-1) (51.804,- EUR)

Sep. 2006 -

Aug. 2009 

Duale Grammatikographie: semasiologische und onomasiologische Analyse ereignis- und raumbezogener Konstruktionen im Kilmeri (MO 728/7-1, MO 728/7-2) (165.356,- EUR)


Travel grants from the German Research Society


1978, Mar. - Oct.: fieldwork in Rabaul (Papua New Guinea)
1985 Mar. - Sept.: fieldwork in Western Samoa
1986 Oct. - Mar.: visiting fellow at the Australian National University
1987 Oct.- Nov.: fieldwork in Western Samoa
1986-87 Dec. - Mar.: visiting fellow at the University of Auckland, New Zealand
1989 July - Sept.: fieldwork in Western Samoa
2001 May: 1 week University of Udmurt, Izhevsk, Russia


Grants from the Australian National University Faculty Research Fund


1990/91 grant for 5 weeks fieldwork in Western Samoa 
1992 grant for 4 weeks fieldwork in Western Samoa 
1993 grant for 4 weeks fieldwork in Western Samoa and the employment of a Samoan casual research assistent in Canberra 



Grant from the Australian Research Council:


1994  grant to employ Ruth Saovana Spriggs, a native speaker of the Teop language (Bougainville, P.N.G.) and to cover her travel expenses for three months fieldwork in her home village in Bougainville 



Grants from the Volkswagen Foundation


13.-24.Sep. 1999 Summer School 'Feldforschung und empirische Sprachwissenschaft' (field work and empirical linguistics) held at the University of Kiel (II 74 876) (38.000,- DM)

Sep.2000 -

Aug. 2001

Documentation of the Teop language, Pilot Phase (II 76 393-1; II 76 393-2) (37.300,- EUR)
Aug.2001 Travel Grant for Ulrike Mosel and Ruth Spriggrs to Bougainville, PNG (2 weeks)
Sep.2001 - Mar. 2007 Documentation of the Teop language, Main Phase (II 77 973) (407.200,- EUR)
Sep.2005 - Oct. 2006 Documentation of the Marquesan languages and culture in French Polynesia (II 81 367) (85.284,- EUR)
Nov. 2006 - Oct. 2008 Towards a multimedia dictionary of the Marquesan and Tuamotuan languages of French Polynesia (zusammen mit Dipl ing. Peter Wittenburg, MPI) (hase 1, II 81 940: 96.500,- EUR; Phase 2, II 81 351: 116.400,- EUR)
Sep.2006 - Aug. 2009 (together with Dr. Catriona Malau) Documentation of Vurës and Vera'a, the two surviving endangered languages of Vanua Lava, Vanuatu (II 81 898) (267.100,- EUR)
Aug. 2007 (together with PD Dr. Geoffrey Haig) Summerschool Endangered Iranian Lanaguages (II 82 181) (38.400,- EUR)



Consultancy for the Government of Western Samoa


1994, January 4 weeks as a consultant of the Samoan Monolingual Dictionary project at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, funded by the Australian South Pacific Culture Fund, compiling the first draft of a little dictionary O le fale which defines ca. 600 terms related to Samoan and European architecture, furniture and ceremonies connected with housebuilding
1994, April invitation to participate as a consultant at a two days meeting of the council of the National University of Western Samoa
1994, October invitation by the Ministry of Education to conduct a one week workshop on lexicography, held at the UNESCO office in Apia


(March 1997, July-Sept. 1997, July-August 1998, Feb.-March 1999, March 2000, a total of seven months)

work for the Western Samoan Education Materials Project- a Development Cooperation Project between the Governments of Australia and Western Samoa, funded by the Australian Agency for International Development, managed by Macquarie Research Ltd, Sydney.