Kenning Konferenz

International Conference "Kenning and Context"

Kiel, 03-05 July 2014


Kennings are one of the most remarkable features of skaldic poetry. They range in function from elaborate ornamentation to illustration of the poetry’s contents. Though they do not, in principle, depend on their context, it is interesting to study how kennings are applied in specific settings or integrated into the syntactic and semantic structures of sentences.
Areas of discussion might include:

  1. Formal aspects of integration into the stanza, for example syntax or metre
  2. Kennings in historical or cultural context
  3. Historical development of kennings and kenning-patterns
  4. Kennings within various genres, narrative traditions, or thematic fields
  5. Usage of kennings by individual skalds
  6. Scribal understanding of kennings within manuscripts
  7. Kennings and their equivalents outside of Old Norse literature
  8. Kennings as a universal phenomenon in literature and speech



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