Medieval Studies

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Scandinavian Medieval Studies encompasse the Viking Ages (ca. 800-1050) and the Middle Ages from the middle of the 11th century until the time of Reformation (16th century). An emphasis is placed on Icelandic literature because Iceland produced much of the Scandinavian literature of the Middle Ages. In this department we concern ourselves with not only the sagas as well as mythological and poetic lore (Snorra Edda and Poetic Edda, Skaldic poetry), but also with the traditions of continental Scandinavia. Aside from literature we also concern ourselves with the history of culture and religion – artwork, runes archeological evidence and places that are significant for the history of Old Scandinavia play, alongside literature, an important role in the research and teaching of this section. 





Prof. Dr. Klaus Böldl


Assistant lecturers: 

Franziska Groß M.A.

Milena Jacobsen M.A.

Katharina Preißler M.A.

Dr. Christiane Zimmermann

Dr. Mathias Kruse


Assistant teachers:

Dr. Ute Zimmermann

Dr. Katharina Seidel

Dr. Jana Krüger

Vivian Busch M.A.



Prof. Dr. Edith Marold (retired)


Student assistant

Tom Lorenz B.A.