Modern Scandinavian Literature

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The Section for Modern Scandinavian Literature is responsible for Scandinavian literature from the 16th century to the present. The University of Kiel has a unique connection to Scandinavia, especially Denmark, due to the fact that several popular Danish poets in the 18th and 19th centuries taught at CAU: Jens Baggesen (1764-1826), Carsten Hauch (1790-1872) and Johan Ludwig Heiberg (1791-1860). The professorship for Modern Scandinavian Literature can actually be traced back to Baggesen. 

The courses in Modern Scandinavian Literature cover exemplary texts from every genre, which will be analyzed on both literary and cultural levels. An emphasis will be laid on texts from canonical authors, on romanticism and early modernism as well as drama and lyric poetry, but also texts from other time periods since 1700 will be covered. 





Prof. Dr. Lutz Rühling


Assistant lecturers:

Julia Anrecht M.A.

Dr. Henrike Fürstenberg


Student Assistant:

Sarah Luana Fromm B. A.